CV Crossfire '99 Girls Soccer Club
Fun ~ Dynamic ~ Highly Competitive Soccer

CV Crossfire is a 4 Team Tiered Club

With an Emphasis on Skillful Possession-Style Soccer


All 4 Crossfire teams have enjoyed success in recent league play and in tournament competition.

  • Crossfire Red 
  • Spring 2016 U16 NPL Champions League
  • Fall 2015 U16 NPL Champions League and CRL.
  • Head Coach- Bob Joyce  
  • Crossfire White 
  • Spring 2016 U16 Nor Cal State Premier 
  • Fall 2015 U16 Nor Cal Premier State Gold 
  • Head Coach Todd Daniels
  • Crossfire Blue 
  • Spring 2016 *U15 Nor Cal State Premier
  • Fall 2015 U16 Nor Cal Premier State Gold
  • Head Coach- Fab Garza
  • Crossfire United 
  • Spring 2016 CalNorth U16 Silver Elite
  • Fall 2015 U16 CCSL Silver Elite
  • Head Coach-Dana McGray
  • Interested players should contact Club Director Bob Joyce at 408-554-6556 or
Team Contacts


Club Director   Bob Joyce   408-554-6556 
Red Team Manager  Jill Baldwinson   408-234-4082 
White Team Manager    Debi Flora  408-499-0161
Blue Team Manager  Scott Simcox 408-476-5196
United Team Manager  Kathy Minor  408-375-0789
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