2014 Board of Directors
Voting Positions Name Email address
President Jeff Nightingale president@cvysl.org
Vice President, Operations (Fields) Travis Lanphear vp-operations@cvysl.org
Vice President, Soccer Ary Afsari vp-soccer@cvysl.org
Vice President, Finance Denell Lanphear treasurer@cvysl.org
Secretary Christina Ferreira secretary@cvysl.org
Registrar Ronda Wilson registrar@cvysl.org
Equipment Director Jeff King equipment@cvysl.org
Tournament Director Jason Washington tournaments@cvysl.org
Recreational U6 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Chris Clima u6@cvysl.org
Recreational U8 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Jenna Patton u8@cvysl.org
Recreational U10 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) Meriel Erickson u10@cvysl.org
Recreational U12 Age Group Coordinator (AGC) / Fair Play Jeremy Coyle u12@cvysl.org
Competitive Coordinator Ian Russell comp@cvysl.org
Non-Voting Positions Name Email address
Director of Coaching - San Jose FC Ian Russell sanjosefc@cvysl.org
Referee Assignor Leslie Duquette refassignor@cvysl.org
CCSL Competitive Registrar Ronda Wilson compreg@cvysl.org
US Club Competitive Registrar Leslie Duquette usclubsoccer@cvysl.org
Volunteer Coordinator Open volunteer@cvysl.org
Competitive Scheduler (U12 - U18 & Play-Through) Michelle Avila (Acting) scheduler@cvysl.org
Competitive Scheduler (U8 - U11) Michelle Avila (Acting) scheduler1@cvysl.org
Recreational Scheduler Michelle Avila (Acting) recscheduler@cvysl.org
Sponsorship Coordinator Open sponsors@cvysl.org
PCA Coordinator Open pca@cvysl.org
Raffle Coordinator Open raffle@cvysl.org
Webmaster Kirk Wilson webmaster@cvysl.org


CVYSL Board Meeting Agenda Items

Any request for an item to be included on the Board meeting agenda needs to be submitted one week in advance of the Board meeting to the CVYSL President at president@cvysl.org for consideration.

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