Competitive CVYSL Teams Partner with Earthquakes

Central Valley Youth Soccer League (CVYSL) has a proud tradition of producing some of the most successful teams in Northern California. In keeping with that tradition, CVYSL partnered their competitive teams with the San Jose Earthquakes.  

Through the partnership, CVYSL will become the official club team of the Earthquakes. Even though the teams are still with CVYSL each of their teams will be outfitted with Earthquakes gear and will fall under the club’s Academy umbrella  

All the CVYSL teams have changed their names to reflect being a partner with the San Jose Earthquakes program.

However, since the four 99 girls competitive teams and two of the four 98 boys competitive teams were so close to aging out, they elected to continue playing solely as CVYSL teams.

Please refer to the competitive boys and competitive girl team pages for CVYSL to Earthquakesthe team name conversions.