Return to Play FAQ

Return to Play Competition Policies

Soccer is categorized as an Outdoor High-Contact Sport, generally permitted when the county reaches the Orange Tier. Outdoor high-contact sports (orange tier) can be played in the purple or red tier with an adjusted case rate equal to or less than 14 per 100,000, with implementation and strict adherence to additional guidance (Informed Consent).

On February 25, Santa Clara County announced changes to health order directives, yielding to the state guidance for recreational sports.

Below is the State Requirements (“Reqm’t”)/Guidance as well as CVSJ’s position on each topic. Please note that the summary of the State’s information was prepared by the club and could be subject to mis-interpretation of the guideline.

State Sports Guidance + CVSJ Policies (3/5/21)

The CVSJ Board has done its best to address all of the state guidelines and develop a club policy on each issue. Please refer to this document.

Which safety guidelines are you adhering to?

At the moment, we are taking all guidelines from the CDC, County of Santa Clara, US Soccer, Cal North Soccer and other organizations into consideration. Our main point of reference however are the county guidelines as that is the most localized version of what is appropriate.

What is the Return To Play Informed Consent form?

Due to the nature and risk of transmission while participating in Outdoor High-Contact and Moderate-Contact sports, the State requires us to provide information regarding risk to all parents/guardians of minors participating in such sports, and have each parent sign an informed consent indicating their understanding and acknowledgement of the risks indicated herein. Return To Play Informed Consent Form

Face Coverings

Masks strongly encouraged during play but not required. Masks are mandatory for coaches and observers at all times and for players not actively engaged in play (eg. on the sideline)

Will athletes need to be tested for COVID 19 in order to participate in soccer?

Testing - still interpreting state’s language to determine whether weekly testing is required for ages 13 and above.

Can I watch my child play?

Observers will be allowed, in compliance with the state’s guidance. Note that other clubs may have more restrictive policies that we will adhere to for away games.

  • Practice: Follow state requirements as stated above
  • Home Games: Follow state requirements as stated above
  • Away Games: Must comply with host team’s rules, to be communicated by team manager.

What do I do if my player or a member of our household becomes sick?

First and most important, attend to the sick person. Please see Santa Clara County Emergency Operation Center’s “If You Think You Are Sick” webpage for further instructions. In summary, the person should self-isolate, preferably in a separate room. Your player cannot return to the field until ten days after symptoms first appeared and three days with no fever.

Positive tests must be reported to Ashkon Afsari at as soon as known to allow us to meet county reporting requirements.