Welcome to Fall Soccer

Welcome to Fall - a few reminders


Welcome to Central Valley Fall 2018 Soccer!

We hope your experience this Fall is a pleasant one.  Now that the season is underway, we wanted to remind you of a few things.

1. DOGS ARE NEVER ALLOWED AT ANY FIELD, PLEASE LEAVE THEM AT HOME FOR PRACTICES AND GAMES.  The facilities we use are not our own.  We must abide by the facility rules or we risk losing the opportunity to use the fields.


2. Always be a courteous and encouraging fan! 


3. Never speak to a referee in a way in which you wouldn’t want to be spoken – often our referees are young teens.  Would you want an adult to speak to your child that way?


4. If you have an “issue” with something your coach did or didn’t do during the game, wait 24 hours before speaking to them.  A cooling off period can put things into perspective.


5. Always be willing to help; pick up trash (even if it’s not yours), take out/put away goals/corner flags if you are the first/last game of the day.